Combining her love of family photographs and multi generations, Rose started Family Albums to work with clients who needed help sorting out their shoeboxes filled with family photos, as well as, picking out the milestones, choosing which ones to share and selecting the best way to share them.

Family photographs are Rose's most valued possession. She enjoys photographing people at special events and in every day life, and delights in the stories behind the photos most. 

While working for two years at a professional photo studio, Rose learned to help clients choose which of their 500+ proofs they were going to put in their album, parent's albums and frames. She especially enjoyed the appointments most when clients came in with their spouses, children, parents, in-laws, and grandparents. 

Over the 12 years of being in business, technology has changed. In some ways it has made it easier to keep and share photos. In fact, Rose was so excited about new technology and how it affected family photos and videos that she worked at Apple for a few years to learn as much as she could about the possibilities.

Today, Rose works with families of all sizes to help them enjoy their photos and videos. She strives to use the latest technology in new ways to help families capture their special moments and experiences so they can be remembered today and for generations to come.

Rose has always been most comfortable behind the camera.

Rose has always been most comfortable behind the camera.